How to Make your Own Beeswax Candle


Ever wonder what’s in all those candles you’re burning? I do… and though we always buy the soy candles I know that more often than not the fragrances are far from “all natural”. So I decided to try making candles on my own with some beeswax I bought from a bee farmer in my old college town and some essential oils I had on hand.

What You’ll Need:

1 Brick of Beeswax

1 Jar (or several smaller jars, your choice!)

Candle wicks (can be purchased at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels)

Tape to hold the wick up

Essential Oils of your liking – I used Eucalyptus

1 Ziplock baggy for melting the wax – you could go a lot of ways with this. I personally didn’t have a bowl or cup I was willing to sacrifice to candle making activities – but if you’re really into this or want to take it further – there are tons of candle making kits out there that come with a tin cup for melting your wax.

A pot to boil water in


Now that you’re ready to get started – begin by boiling a pot of water.

Place your brick of beeswax inside the baggy and place in the boiling water. I held mine with my hand so that it didn’t rest on the bottom – I didn’t want the plastic to melt. Eventually I resorted to tongs because my fingers got tired.


Once completely melted, take out the bag, gently open it, dip the metal or plastic end into the beeswax and immediately stick it to the bottom of the jar. Allow it to harden. Then, using tape of your choice, secure the wick straight up and down to your jar.


Pour in the wax slowly. If you accidentally spill on your jar or counter – don’t panic! Wait for the wax to harden and you can use any straight edge to peel up the hardened wax. I added about 20 drops of essential oils as I poured so that it would be evenly distributed.

IMG_0191                                                IMG_0193            IMG_0663

Let the wax cool completely, snip your candle wick to about an inch from the top of the wax and you’re ready to go 🙂 Hope you enjoy! I found this to be very simple and quick. Plus now I can feel loads safer about what I’m burning around myself, my husband, and my friends.




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