Frozen Coffee Cubes for a Vanilla Soy Latte

Summertime iced drinks are a must, but when you’re left with a watered-down version of your favorite treat its not as satisfying.

Iced Soy Vanilla Latte

Try freezing your coffee instead. That way, as it melts you’re getting more coffee infusion and not watering your coffee down.

Simply make your coffee. If you have an espresso machine you can make one shot per ice cube but otherwise, I just used a french press and poured it in the trays. With regular coffee you’ll want to use two or three cubes per drink.

Iced Soy Vanilla Latte

Freeze the cubes. You can store them later in a freezer safe container or baggy.

Then in the hot mornings or afternoons just pour a glass of vanilla soy milk and drop in a few coffee cubes.

Iced Soy Vanilla Latte

I’m not a huge fan of the fake syrups so I’ve included a recipe for a super yummy homemade vanilla syrup. No preservatives, dyes, or ‘fake’ flavors. Depending on your taste buds, add a few teaspoons (or tablespoons) of the syrup to the soy milk, stir in, and enjoy!

Iced Soy Vanilla Latte


1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup water

4 teaspoons vanilla extract

Iced Soy Vanilla Latte

Simply boil the water and sugar together. Immediately pour into a container of your choice. I used a mason jar – but any glass container with a air tight lid is great. Let the ingredients cool anywhere from half and hour to 2 hours. Add the vanilla extract.

You can store the syrup in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks – or, once the syrup has cooled all the way, you can store it in the freezer in a cold safe container for up to 3 months.



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