Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies

If you’re new to the essential oils world it may seem scary, daunting, or just plain bologna. If you’re not, you know that these precious oils help with all sorts of daily qualms such as runny noses, back aches, head aches, anxiety, the common cold, and much much more! As allergy season is winding down and cold season will begin in just a few short months I’ve decided to post some of the essential oil mixtures we use to deal with these seasonal blues.
Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies

Allergies are the worst, especially when over the counter meds make you feel drowsy and not yourself. Essential oils are proven to be similarly effective in combating the symptoms of allergies. The downfalls include time until effectiveness and the time of effectiveness. These oils are all natural, not man made, so their potency is different. It usually takes a Tylenol 15 or so minutes to take care of a headache whereas essential oils make take up to an hour for its effects to take hold. Also, essential oils do not last as long so reapplication is necessary. The pros, and there are many more than what I list, are that they aren’t harmful to your body organs, they are all natural, they strengthen your immune system, and they are more cost effective.

Taking medications like Tylenol is hard on your liver, kidneys, and adrenal system. Artificial painkillers, cure-all allergy medications, and the multitude of over the counter cold medicines, all interact with your body’s natural defense system, the immune system, in a negative way. Instead of assisting the immune system – these medications take over, in a sense, the body’s job and essentially makes the immune system weaker. Those who consistently take pain-killers have a lesser tolerance of pain, lessened kidney and liver function, as well as a psychological dependence on pain killers. (This means every time you get a headache you think to yourself, I need to take a Tylenol.) Those you take cold medicine at the first sign of a sniffle are more likely to contract more ill periods the next cold season. Essential oils only work on the symptoms. This allows your natural system to strengthen and work to defend your body so that over time you will be less susceptible to illnesses like the common cold.

Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies

*Please do not ignore serious issues! The miracles of modern medicine are meant to be used, just not abused! Contact your doctor if necessary and seek medical advise for persistent illnesses.*

Here are some essential oil mixtures for those of you who are suffering from end of the season seasonal allergies.

1. Lavender

Lavender is a natural antihistamine, so it works on most allergic reactions. Its anti-inflammatories work to relieve you of skin rashes while its calming properties aid in relief from headaches and stress.

How to Use:

Lavender can be applied topically – both with a carrier oil and without. If you have sensitive skin try just applying a small amount on the affected area first to see if a carrier oil, such as almond oil, is necessary. Apply to the sinuses, forehead and cheeks. It also works great to apply a small amount on the back of the neck, near the hairline, this aids in deeper relaxation. You can also diffuse this oil in a cold water diffuser – 15 minutes every two hours – works great near your bed while you sleep. Lastly, you can inhale the oil. Place a few drops of oil in the palms of your hand, rub together, then cup your hands and breathe into them. Take 6 deep breathes.

2. Peppermint

This oil is great for the respiratory side effects of allergies by allowing the airways to open and relax. While also easing congestion, it too works well with headaches. Its cooling effect tempers the ache of a ‘hot’ headache while also serving as a pain reliever.

How to Use:

For headaches place a few drops on the base of the neck as well as the temples. Again, if you have sensitive skin, use a carrier oil. For congestion place the oil above the brow line as well as around the nostrils. Tips for this – don’t apply for congestion without a carrier oil, the skin around the nose is very sensitive. Also, be sure to not apply the oil too close to the eyes as it will cause excessive watering. For a cough in your chest create a chest rub by applying a few drops into a palm full of carrier oil. Be sure to rub on your neck and across your chest, much like Vicks Vapor Rub. You may also inhale this oil by placing a few drops in your palm, rubbing your hands and taking 6 deep breathes. Some cold diffusers can diffuse peppermint, just be sure to check your particular diffusers directions.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus aids in breathing and calming the respiratory system.

How to Use:

Apply to skin using a carrier oil to chest and neck. It works great if applied topically and steam inhaled, so if possible, do both. To steam inhale simply pour boiling water into a bowl, the size of a cereal bowl works fine, and place a few drops of Eucalyptus on the surface of the water. Grab a towel, drape it over your head, and lean over the bowl. (The towel allows you to breathe in more of the steam without losing it to the air.) Take deep breathes. This can be repeated as often as necessary.

4. The Allergy Trio – Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender

To get the best results use these 3 together. To ease skin rashes apply 3 drops of each in a carrier oil to the affected region. To use as a rub for allergy symptoms such as headaches, body aches and congestion, apply an equal ratio (a few drops each) into your palms and rub into areas such as your temples, your forehead, neck (back and front), chest, and cheeks. Remember, if you place oils near your nose use a carrier oil as this skin is especially sensitive.

Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies

Give some of these remedies a try and let me know what you think!

*Once more, these are the solutions my family uses. Serious issues should always be brought to a doctor and my advice is not an official medical diagnosis.*



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