So I’m Going to Be A Daddy….


So I’m going to be a daddy! At 22, that’s pretty young in our culture today. Now that we are actually staring down the ways that our life will change and has already, I can understand the trepidation. In the beginning, we both suggested date nights to the pub every once in a while before we caught ourselves. Now it’s mostly looking to next year, as our lives will revolve around a newborn that will wake up to eat and poop every hour and a half for the first few months.

For us though, starting to have kids this young is not a mistake we regret, but a purposeful investment in our future. We are pursuing the kind of life that we want to have. That means a little more work here in the short term, but I think it also means a bigger payoff in the long term. We will get to be closer in age and health to our kids than most in our generation.

We want to still be young enough to play hard with our kids when they’re old enough to be able. God willing, we want to still be healthy and able to play with our grandkids someday as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed racing my dad in triathlons (All of his kids still have yet to beat him, but we’re getting closer), and I want that same opportunity, in triathlons or whatever else, with my kids as well.

Tes and I still have dreams of crazy adventures together all around the world. We just want to share those experiences with our kids as well. I want to take them rock climbing at Indian Creek in Utah, backpacking in Alaska, and on missions trips to South America and Nepal. It will be a different kind of experience for sure, but I believe it will be a more rewarding one for it. We have plenty of fears about the whole parenting thing, but none about the timing. More like:

Will I be a good father? Will I be a good husband? Will I be able to balance the two on top of school and work without losing myself? Should I even try to hold onto some semblance of my current desires and interests or is that just too selfish for this stage of life? How will I protect Tes from our large well-meaning and very loving family of advice givers without offending anyone too badly? (We love you all!)

Tes and I already have so many hopes and dreams for us as parents as well as for our children. But right now, we have no real idea as to how any of this is going to play out. All the marriage books in the world can’t prepare you for actually sharing a life with someone, and I expect all the parenting books we’ve read will fall far short as well. We are just going to try our best to love God, love each other, and pray we don’t screw up too badly.



3 thoughts on “So I’m Going to Be A Daddy….

  1. I became a mother when I was 22 also! You’ll absolutely appreciate your youthfulness, trust me. Being a young parent is wonderful in so many ways and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Good luck!


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