The End To An Unexpected Hiatus…

Jared + Tes 2015-107

Well, the wait is over – I’m back!

After a week and a half of traveling to see family and then a week of a cold that lingered for what seemed like an eternity and THEN a week of catching up on work, household necessities, and just simply being a wife, I’m finally ready to get back to my readers!

Thanks so much for your patience and continued readership – it means a lot.

Not much has happened these long weeks. The visits to family were long overdue and Jared and I both left with a renewed sense of spirit. Something about gathering with the ones you love changes your appetite for life. The cold, which really was just a headache and the sniffles and extreme fatigue, finally departed from my body this past weekend and from then its been busy busy busy.

Between all the rushing and planning and sheer exhaustion, its been pretty amazing to see God working in my heart and in my marriage. For a few months now I have been praying that my purpose be revealed to me, that God would call me to something, anything. I always thought that would be some sort of church position or a local part time career, but its actually been to fulfill my duties as a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and most importantly, a believer. God has been subtly showing me the areas in my life that need drastic renovations and has eased my mind on the areas of my life that can wait to be altered, or don’t need to be altered at all. With the impending birth of our first born I have stressed out in an entirely different manner. I want to be an amazing mama. I want the birth of our child to be a great joy and gift to my husband and I and not a force that sucks the relationship out of our marriage. I want to set appropriate boundaries, to be a member of a church community, to use my gifts to build God’s Kingdom. And all of these are just a few of the “to-dos” that bounce around in my head all day. Giving it up to God has given me the greatest feeling of freedom I have ever known. Now I am available to see where God wants to use me and what He wants me to be doing and I have never felt so hopeful and so excited for the future.

I have gotten such good feedback on the content of this blog that I was encouraged to explore this field more – for opportunities and for community – and I have been so excited since I began this search. This week I will be submitting my final drafts of several articles to a Christian magazine geared toward the life, struggles, and joys of a Christian woman. Please be praying for me and that God’s will would be done in this circumstance.

I also have had renewed passion for my husband and our marriage. Being his helpmate, partner, and friend has become increasingly more important and this task now brings me great joy. He is so hardworking, honest, and kind – I still can’t believe that such a man is my husband and the father of my child. The heart issues and free-will issues that appear in my life most often are those pertaining to submission to him. By focusing on the biblical outline of a Godly woman and what I need to be doing to please God, not Jared, myself or our family, has truly shifted my frame of thinking. I see a long road of change ahead but am encouraged by the progress made thus far and can’t wait for the rewards we will be given for attempting to live out God’s design for our marriage.

As a believer in general, I have come to a lot of new conclusions about my own faith and what being a believer means. My revelations are far to long and tedious to post here but I will say that this self evaluation has began to stir my heart in new ways. Its amazing what God can do in your life when you give up the reins and ask Him to take over.

Jared + Tes 2015-134

Also, my eagerness for the winter months has hit an all time high.. I figured I would mention it to explain winter snaps from last year 🙂

More to come this week on life, faith and the baby – but until then have an amazing Sabbath rest and I praise God and thank Him for all those I get to speak to through this blog.



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