DIY Essential Oils Linen Spray

DIY Essential Oils Linen Spray

As colder weather moves in I always get that last tinge of panic that for the next few months I can’t have the windows open to let in fresh air. This year I decided to make some linen spray from essential oils. This way my furniture, curtains, and bed can smell like ‘fresh air’ without letting in the frigid breeze too.

DIY Essential Oils Linen Spray

What You’ll Need:

A small spray bottle

Lavender essential oil

Orange essential oil

2 Tbs Witch Hazel (or Vodka if you have some on hand)

6 Tbs Water

Pour the witch hazel into the bottle along with 10 drops of lavender and 5 of orange. If you have a bigger bottle, like me, you may need to up the ratio. For my bottle I had to make the recipe 3 times to fill the bottle full.

*****If you do need to add more to the bottle be sure to mix it the exact same way both times! For example, you make this recipe and there is still room to go – DON’T just add the witch hazel and essential oils to the mixture that already has the water in it – the oils will blend with the water and that’s not what we want. Either begin by doubling the recipe or make a separate jar full.

Shake the bottle vigorously to mix the three ingredients, then add your water.

DIY Essential Oils Linen Spray

DIY Essential Oils Linen Spray

Now you have a fresh smelling linen mixture that is sure to keep your home smelling clean, even during the stuffiest months of the winter.

DIY Essential Oils Linen Spray

This mixture is also great if you’re having a hard time sleeping like this tired, pregnant momma. Simply spray your pillow well, let dry, and snooze.

For the spring time you can add more orange for a ‘zesty’ scent or even replace the lavender and mix in equal parts lemon and orange for a nice clean smell.

In the past I’ve tried a ‘house freshener’ version of this spray using my favorite winter scents like evergreen. Same process only with 10-15 drops of your favorite conifer tree.




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