A DIY New Year’s Planner Along With My 12 New Year’s Goals and How I’m Going to Keep Them

It takes 21 days to form a habit – that is all.

I’ve never been a fan of the ‘resolution season’ which from my point of view only lasts the month of January and all of those purchased gym memberships and weight loss plans go straight out the window. Typically I would say that the rational mindset would be to make resolutions all of the time…

The problem with making resolutions all of the time, at least during a busy season of your life, is that you can have a lull in your craziness, set SUPER high expectations, and be left feeling just as disappointed as those fools who made their resolutions January 1st.

So this year, as I embark on likely one of the busiest seasons of my life, I am approaching the positive changes I wish to see in my life in a whole new way.

Because it takes 21 days to form a habit I figure if I work at one resolution at a time I can accomplish 12 new behaviors that I wish I had now. Typically, I would choose 5 or 6 of these things, get to work on them all at once, and end up with zero new behaviors I wish I had. My hope is that by taking it slow I will actually make noticeable progress in each of these areas.

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So here are my 12 resolutions:

1: Get organized with life – simplify the planner and get a calendar

2: Keep a journal and write in at least 3 days a week

3: Always be in a daily devotional

4:Read Scripture to Atlas every night

5: Carve out time once a week for just Jared and I

6: Keep a prayer notebook and write in it daily

7: Take more pictures and not just of the baby

8: Read a book a month

9: Have fellowship at least once a week

10: Make a more specific budget

11: Keep track of food intake – use an app to watch calories/carbs/etc

12: Drink more water

My plan of attack this month is actually the first 2 resolutions, journal keeping and getting my life organized, because they both are items I think can’t wait.

Then I will begin the 3rd resolution in March and so on and so forth.

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Resolution #1


Its begun to stress me out just a tad to have one more person’s life to manage. Atlas means more appointments, more things to keep track of, and less time to keep track of all of the other stuff I was keeping track of.

I used to have a GIANT binder that was full of all of our important stuff like the budget, the passwords to the websites to pay our bills, a daily planner, etc. But that’s just too much to cart around and I needed something that I could use every day easily and be able to take it anywhere.

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I got a pack of moleskin notebooks from Target and made my own planner – a basic outline of the month and then each day allocated a half page. Now I can put all of the important dates as well as a daily planner all in the same place. Its also great for keeping track of things like birthdays and upcoming events, because though the iPhone has the calendar app I swear I never remember to use the dang thing…

Another notebook is used for keeping track of our budget – so each expense is written down under its designated category.

And another is used for the rest of the important stuff like each month’s budget outline, bill due dates, etc.

I thought that having them all in separate places might be stressful but I find that now I can flip to what I need a lot faster and the fact that I can take them anywhere is SUPER helpful.

Also, I created these calendar prints (see the links below) to hang in a common area. I think its really important that both Jared and I are on the same page so I will use these printouts to write down all of the events that involve both of us.

April 2016August 2016December 2016Feb 2016Jan 2016July 2016June 2016March 2016May 2016November 2016October 2016September 2016

Resolution #2


I am the worst journal keeper on the planet. I buy a beautiful notebook, write in it daily for… oh, maybe a week, then its once a week, and then I find it stuffed under something two months later and begin the whole process over again. I really want to change that because this is such a precious time in my life I know I will want to remember it intimately one day. Writing is also very therapeutic and I believe that writing down what we are feeling can aid in determining why we feel it. I have had this beautiful floral notebook for years (seriously) and I think now is the perfect time to scribble on its pages.

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Some tips I have read about journal keeping…

  1. write what you feel – you can use it as a place to vent or simply to process
  2. it doesn’t have to be neat and tidy – no one is reading this but you
  3. write about what you’re grateful for if you don’t know what to write about
  4. don’t pressure yourself to write if you don’t feel like it, then it will feel like a chore


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What are you going to resolve to change about yourself or your life this year? Think you can join the bandwagon of one challenge a month?



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