The Confessions From My First Day Alone With Atlas…

Its been a pretty hilarious couple of weeks. Atlas, up until this past Sunday, was feeding about every other hour to every two hours which left both Jared and I in foggy states of being. From getting peed on in Lululemon (not exactly ideal) to pouring water instead of milk into my bowl of cereal at 2 am, we have had some good laughs. And today, of course, was no different. Except that it was because it was my first day all alone with the baby. Jared has gone back to school and that means full diaper duty for this momma.

The day began with a very pleasant 4 hour stretch of sleep (woohoo!) until 7 am when the hubby got up to shower and Atlas got up for milk. I patiently (sort of) waiting for Jared to get done getting ready for class so he could take over with Little Bear… I just wanted a few more minutes of sleep. While I waiting Atlas spit up most of his meal on me, my pillow, and the sheets… which I have changed at least once a day, every day, since we brought him home. By the time Jared finally took the baby I was smelling like sour milk and not exactly ready for a snooze.

I had barely fallen asleep when I heard Jared creep in and whisper my name, holding a very alert looking baby might I add. “Gotta go to school, sorry babe.”, as he handed over Atlas, who instantly wanted to be fed. “Bummer, there goes my additional sleep” I thought to myself. Atlas, of course, slept almost immediately after his meal – I got up and started to power clean the house.

This has been the usual schedule for awhile now… baby sleeps – power clean the house. But today I was on my own and Atlas wanted to be held CONSTANTLY. I admit that I was so concerned with cleaning I forgot about how wonderful it is when he looks up at me while eating, or how dearly I love to cuddle.

The day continued on like this… baby sleeps = momma cleans, baby is up = mom is stuck.

After 2 explosive diapers, 4 outfit changes for Little Bear, 2 for mommy, lots and lots of spit up, and a spilt cup of tea, Jared finally made it home.

I have to say though, I learned a lot this day – as a momma, a wife, and a follower of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes its okay to say “that will just have to get done another day..”

I am completely in love with how in love with Atlas Jared is… is truly a beautiful thing

Prayer is powerful… and on days that feel busy and chaotic… those are the days I need Him most

Atlas LOVES the vacuum cleaner (BONUS because so does his momma haha) BUT wakes up almost immediately after you turn it off…

I love being a stay at home mom, even if that means I have to write this blog post in between naps and changing clothes (both of ours) and I have been working on finishing this half-glass of wine for 2 hours



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