Essential Oils Belly Butter, Sitz Bath, and Linen Spray for the New Mama

I consider myself lucky enough to have SO many new mommas in my life – some recently and some in the near future. Its so fun to know that Atlas will have lots of friends in my group of friends – what a blessing!!

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I decided to put together this sweet, yet very easy and affordable, gift box for the baby showers I will be attending here soon.

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What’s Included:



After Birth Belly Butter

After Birth Bath Salts

Lavender Linen Spray

A Small Bouquet of Eucalyptus

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What You’ll Need:

Teacup and Tea: Make sure you choose a tea that is lactation enhancing or nursing friendly!

A bouquet of eucalyptus: it could be a bouquet of anything really, I just used eucalyptus in one of the recipes so it was more cost effective.

After Birth Belly Butter: 1/4 cup shea butter, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 15 drops lavender EO, 7 drops geranium EO, and 6 drops clary sage EO.

After Birth Bath Salts: 1/4 Epsom Salt, 6 drops lavender EO, 2 drops clary sage EO, 2 drops geranium EO, sprigs of lavender or eucalyptus. (this makes one bath! so I did enough of this recipe to fill a large mason jar)

Linen Spray: 15 drops lavender EO, small pinch of salt, and distilled water (this makes the right amount for a 2 oz spray bottle)

You’ll also need containers for the butter and salts, as well as a spray bottle for the linen spray.

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How To:

Butter: Combine all of the ingredients in a mixer and whip until well incorporated. Use a spatula and spoon into your desired container.

Bath Salts: Make one batch of this recipe at a time – shake well – then repeat until your container is full.

Linen Spray: Combine salt and EO – shake well, then fill the rest of the way with distilled water. (this is for a 2 oz bottle)

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Now arrange all your pretty gifts in a cute box, sign your card, and that’s that! (TIP: soak napkins or paper towels, place them in a small baggy along with the bottom of the stems of your bouquet, and secure with a rubber band! This will keep the flower fresh without the risk of dumping water everywhere!) I love this gift because one, I’ve used all of these items myself after pregnancy and LOVED them, and two, its so sweet to give a gift you made yourself, especially to the new momma in your life, who will definitely be needed some TLC in the coming months!

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The ingredients in these recipes are strictly for use after birth – clary sage is known for its use in contracting the uterus – aiding in the shrinking and healing of the uterus after birth, HOWEVER if used before giving birth there is risk of pre-term labor by triggering contractions. Please tell the momma you gift this to of this danger!

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What else would you add to this gift box? Hope you and all your mommas enjoy!!



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