A Belated “Happy 2 Months” to Little Bear


Its amazing that over 2 months have passed since Atlas was born. The time is flying! He has already changed so much from that first day I held him in my arms – sometimes its hard to believe. All I know is that being his mom is the most rewarding job and he is a blessing from God.


Things About Atlas:

Will smile at you but it takes a LOT of coaxing and you will probably only be successful 30% of the times you try.

He loves sleeping with mommy and daddy.

His hands have found his face… or maybe his face has found his hands – I am truly not sure which it is.

Snacks. Lots and lots of snacking.

Gets frustrated if he isn’t the center of attention.

Loves baths now and goes nuts when you pour the water over his head.

Hasn’t quite figured out that India doesn’t like to be wacked.

Can blow raspberries and drools… a lot.

He has outgrown his 3 month clothes and is into size 6 months!




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