Essential Oils All Purpose Spray

Spring time is here and summer is quickly approaching. The fresh air blows through the house, the scent of spring flowers wafting along with every gentle breeze. Birds are singing and sunlight floods through the windows.


Simplifying the house and our items has been the key item on my agenda as of late and with that comes creating safe, and cheap, cleaning products for our family. A really neat aspect of making our own cleaning supplies is that you can often make products that work for multiple surfaces or rooms. This cuts down on the things you need to store. We live in a town home that is definitely larger than we need, square footage wise, but boy do I wish we had more closet space. Storing things has been a tough challenge when all of our extra towels, blankets, toiletries, and cleaning supplies have to be shoved into two tiny cabinets.

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Today I wanted to share with you a recipe for an all purpose spray that I started using in January and I LOVE. I was purchasing Method – a brand I really do like and feel that it is a great option for chemical free cleaning on a budget, but to be honest, that ‘fake’ smell has been driving me nuts. I prefer more ‘earthy’ scents and the scents from Method all seem to be things I don’t quite enjoy like ‘fresh clover’ or ‘wildflower’ (neither of which actually smell like fresh clovers or wildflowers).

A major player in my need to create my own all purpose spray was certainly the scent, but more so the price! This recipe can be made for just a fraction of what you would pay for a store bought spray and you can always change up the scent when its time to make more! I think this is really fun for the changing of the mood or the seasons.

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What You’ll Need:

– 16 oz glass spray bottle (essentials oils breakdown plastic, so glass is essential)

-essential oils of your choice. some good options would be tea tree, orange, lemon, lavender, rosemary, thieves, cedar wood, pine, or ylang ylang. any oil is an options, these are just ones I have experimented with.

-distilled water

-white vinegar

How To:

Combine 1.5 cups distilled water and 1.5 cups vinegar into the spray bottle. Then add 30 drops of your desired essential oils.

Spray liberally on countertops, tables, chairs, or any other hard surface – not including wood or glass. Wipe down using a microfiber cloth like these ones.

I use this for everything – even the bathrooms now. I leave a microfiber cloth under the bathroom sink (so that the bathroom ick stays in the bathroom), one under the kitchen sink for surfaces other than the kitchen like doorknobs and such, and then one by the sink for all things kitchen.



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