reading Scripture to my children…

The end of April has come and May is upon us! The year is almost halfway over?! In Fort Collins we have already seen several spring snow storms, rain galore, flowering trees, and the return of the summertime birds. The end of school is quickly approaching and soon, maybe a little too soon (I sure will miss our church, Whole Foods, and all these beautiful trees), we will be moving back to South Dakota for the summer so that Jared can work in his dad’s dental office.


All of that to say that time is a’flyin. And this was one New Year’s resolution I made that was incredibly important to me. The prospect of raising my children to be believers is both exhilarating and intimidating. In many regards I’m not even sure of where to start. But Atlas is so young that right now I think its about habit forming for me, and less about what he is actually exposed to. God will always supply us with what we need when we need it, so as hard as it is not to worry about the future, I trust that he will give me what I need as a mother to teach my children about their great God and the love He has for them.


As Atlas’ bedtime routine has been crafted, we have been able to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that includes the reading of God’s Word. Family friends purchased us this book, The Child’s Story Bible, which has made telling and retelling the stories of God’s people fun and simple – a book I know we will continue to read to him and his future sibling throughout their childhood. Nap time has also created a space, a nice chunk of time, to read to Atlas either from the storybook or from my Bible app (phones are easier to flip through – you only need one hand! (laughing hysterically because I never understood why doing so much ‘single handedly’ was such a truism of motherhood).


Another way to incorporate Scripture into your every day rhythm? Sing. Whenever Atlas is in need of a little comfort or even when we are spending time in the kitchen cooking or picking up the house, I sing all the hymns I can recount. This has been an enormous blessing to me and has brought a new sense of joy into the day to day humdrum.

It is far from perfected, but its so important to me to encourage my children towards knowing God. There are a million little things I will need to do as my babies age – but for now, just rejoicing in sharing the love that God has for them is plenty for me. It has also been helpful for me – a time that I look forward to each afternoon and evening – to be reminded of God’s promises to us and that all is done for our good and His glory.

How do you share God’s Word with your children?



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