Reflections: Community

It’s been a crazy busy hectic chaotic (can you think of any other similar terms? Insert here…) week and I’m feeling the burnout of motherhood and wife-life and moving all at the same time. Jared has had finals all week and between test taking and studying he hasn’t been available for much other than holding the baby while I cook. I’ve been busting my tail to figure what we need/want for our summer stay in South Dakota, packing the car, taking care of Atlas and deep cleaning the house and it has all felt rather lonesome. Lonesome to not have my husband around to help, let alone chat. Lonesome to know we are leaving the place I’ve learned to call home. Lonesome to know we are going to a place that is fairly opposite as far as extracurriculars, food, and fun. But all this lonesomeness has churned the wheels in my head and I’ve come to a really fabulous conclusion: we all need community.

Whether that is a bunch of ladies we jog with, a neighbor who we can count on to help us on a moments notice, or a family member who wants to watch the kids every now and again. I will miss our church family here more than my heart will allow me to feel right now. We have grown close to our pastor and his wife, as well as several families and couples who have aided us in our new journey as parents and in our marriage. I guess that missing it here means that we have really cultivated something and that, at least, makes me glad. Where to go now? Three months in South Dakota. And my goal is to create just as wholesome, loving, and dependable community there as we have here. When we have people to love on and love us back – all that stress that comes with day to day life seems to weigh a whole lot less and we seem to feel like we can do a whole lot more.

Do you feel like you have a community to lean on? Friends on your block? Families you get together with after church?

What does your community look like? How has having “your people” aided you in those rough spots of life?


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