Dreary Morning Back to the Blog…

Its been several months since my last post and I must start this off with the confession that THAT WAS NOT INTENDED but it was oh SO WONDERFUL. Making the time to blog and be a mama has been challenging and this summer was a nice time to just relax with my husband and enjoy our very last summer vacation – yes, that’s right – 11 more years of school and just one summer. Its comical (sort of) but this semester is ‘the beginning of the end’. Jared only has one year left here in Fort Collins before we jet off to dental school and the realization of that has been both joyful and saddening. We’ve come to call this place home – we love our church, the people, the food, and the overarching ‘bicycle friendly’ theme that seems to penetrate every niche of this city. With that said, we are so excited to be moving on to dental school. Jared has already begun to receive invitations to interview so it is only a matter of time before we find out where we are going to end up.

This summer was full. Full of fun. Full of lessons. Full of God working in our hearts and our lives. I went into the summer with a lot of hesitation. To me, living right down the driveway from my in-laws was a recipe for disaster. I was anxious and worried about what it would do to an already strained relationship and how it would affect my marriage. But God provided opportunity after opportunity to grow closer to my husband’s family and I can honestly say that at the end of that trip I was more grateful for that time then I had been for almost anything else – ever. God has a funny way of working sometimes and I am in constant awe of His love and grace.

As this summer comes to a close I reflect on all of our trials, all of our heartache, and I know that it WAS for our good and it DID glorify God. Wow. How awesome is that?


I am so excited for the school year to come. I know it will be challenging – especially as we enter a season of ‘decision making’ but I know that God has already planned it all – there is already a place prepared for us and I draw such comfort from knowing that He is for us – truly.

We had the summer to contemplate what we wanted our last year here to be and what we wanted to do. The most blatant element of our lives as christians that has been missing is just fellowshipping. We really want to be purposeful this year in inviting families from our church into our home and making opportunities to minister to others. We also feel that we have not been ‘involved’ enough – whether it is volunteering for nursery at church or just getting outside with others in the community, we have in a way, locked ourselves up in our home for a year so we are yearning for the opportunity to change that.

Atlas is growing – like, really growing. I can’t believe that he is trying to walk. At 7 months. He obviously didn’t get the memo that most kids wait until a year – but hey, we wanted an adventurer, right? Jared and I laughed upon arriving back home because we realized in a hurry that our fun, ‘adult’ apartment was not ‘baby safe’. Now our home is equipped with baby gates and rubber padding on the corners of walls – I seriously NEVER pictured my home with rubber padding, but in a sense, it has it own unique charm. He is crawling and climbing steps and pulling himself up and trying to walk and its like “HEY!” “Please slow down!” Either way, he has taught his parents a whole lot about patience and grace (for ourselves mostly) and how to go with the flow – especially when there is mashed up beets EVERYWHERE.


As we settle back into our niche we ask for prayers for our family and our marriage and our future.

I am so (SO!) excited to get back into our daily rhythm and have the opportunity to share more of ourselves here on the blog again.

Thanks for all of your support and love – it means so much to us!


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