A Christian In the 2016 Presidential Election…

Last night I watched in horror, seriously, I think my head was either in my hands or my mouth was hanging wide open as the presidential debate roared on. My stomach twisted in knots with each passing question. These are our candidates? Part of me was shocked that THESE are the two people Americans have landed on to become their head representative, but I love the quote by R.C. Sproul “Government merely reflects and echoes the customs embraced by the people in a given generation. In a real sense, our government is exactly what we want it to be, or it wouldn’t be there.” How true. Sad. But very true.

Our two candidates are fairly far from the Christian ideal…


Trump, who has based his entire campaign on fear tactics, lies, and violence, is unkind, cruel even. He cares little for the poor, at least according to his policies, and demeans others of color, ethnicity, and sex.

Then there is Clinton, a candidate who is very “pro-choice” and “equal marriage laws”. She believes in ‘transgender rights’ and who knows what the repercussion of these beliefs could have on a variety of other political arenas. These statements, and movements, are not Christian.

But may I remind you, regardless of who you are voting for and for what reasons, that God is in control. GOD IS IN CONTROL. His hands guide all things – He determines all outcomes – and He does ALL for His glory and our good! We may not have candidates we believe to be at all ‘presidential’. They may not be Christian. They may not share our exact opinion on every front. But we have a God who is bigger than all of that.

I lay in bed and felt fear and worry resting on my mind and my heart. And I realized instantly that it was Satan! He was making me fear that God was not in control!

So today, heck, how about right now, lets say a prayer for BOTH of our candidates. That they would bring glory to God. That they would keep us safe. That they would do amazing things for the kingdom. And most of all, that they might come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

And further more – what a wonderful opportunity we have as Christians to share the Gospel! R.C. Sproul continues on to say, “Change in culture doesn’t always come from the top down. It often comes from the bottom up. The change we need to work for, chiefly, is renewal within the church. As the church becomes the fellowship of citizens of heaven who manifest what it means to the household of Christ, and when the church walks according to the power of the Holy Spirit – then the people of God will shine as the light of the world.” We have the privilege to fight a battle so much worthier and costly than that of a presidency – we are fighting the battle for souls.

Remember this voting season that we, as Americans, DO have the right to vote for whom ever we deem most worthy, we DO have the right to an opinion, BUT don’t let it drive a wedge between your brothers and sisters in Christ – that is Satan. At the end of this life it will not matter who we voted for in the 2016 presidential election, but that we loved Jesus, and that we sought to honor and glorify God in all that we said and did.

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2 thoughts on “A Christian In the 2016 Presidential Election…

  1. Amen, Tes! I wholeheartedly agree. I’m so proud of you and your encouragement to trust God, who is in control of all things and promises believers that he will work everything out for our good and His glory. lets keep trusting our good and powerful God.

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