HOMEWARD Simplicity: Introduction to a New Blog Series On Simplifying Our Lives to Better Serve, Honor, and Glorify God

“‘Tis a gift to be simple…”

This treasure of a verse is found nestled in an old Shaker song. But its truth, and pertinence, to our lives today has been one of my most recent, yet most passionate, pursuits. A life of simplicity: where my food comes from the earth and still smells of damp dirt; the music played in my home points to a slower, more patient, more appreciative lifestyle; my walls are mostly blank except for a few items that are not only beautiful, but are dear to my heart.

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We’ve chosen to purchase in bulk and store our baking supplies, dried beans, nuts, etc in antique mason jars found at a rummage sale. We begin our days with a ‘basket’ of good, truth, and beauty – starting with the Word of God and traversing into the shorter catechism, various books of poetry, and Christian literature pertaining to marriage, life, and parenting. We make all our own cleaning and bath/beauty supplies. We use essential oils versus man-made alternatives like IcyHot or Vicks. We have opted, almost entirely, out of home electronics – choosing to read or play games instead.

Simplicity isn’t just one thing, its a multitude of things. Its as varied as what is in our closets, our fridge, and the ingredients list on our cleaning products.

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Simplicity has been the underlying theme of this blog for some time, but I want to take it further. I want simplicity to be tangible – because I believe it to be beneficial, spiritually revolutionary, and attainable.

I’m not going to tell you ‘5 steps to have a minimalist wardrobe’ or ‘the top ten ways to eat less processed foods’. I’m going to give you peek into our lives, into my brain, and into my heart. I’m going to share with you what we have struggled with and what we have triumphed in. I’m going to tell you essentially what I would like to compile into a book one day – but between the late night feedings and diaper changes I have only enough time for this – the now – and the opportunity to share with you so that you can better yourself and your family.

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Over the course of the next few months I will be posting several articles a week – each pertaining to simplicity.

But first let me give you a little background on why this is so important to me to share – what’s all the fuss?

We live in a world of consumerism – a world that tells us to buy buy buy and fills our heads with new needs, wants and desires faster than I think we realize. The decor aisle of Target changes, what, every week? And as soon as we finally splurge on those new jeans or that sweater, they are long out of fashion.

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We live in a world of commotion, non-stop schedules, and the constant attachment to our phones – we are always connected, always. Children are glued to their screens (okay, EVERYONE is glued to their screens) and no longer seek adventure and fun out of doors. Imagination is going extinct and so is childhood. Free time is a thing of the past and to be engaged in ‘slow living’ is to be thought of as lazy, or at the very least, unproductive.

We seem to think we never have enough, that there is always someone who has more.

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Our food is chalk full of preservatives and additives that we have just come to accept as ‘normal’. From canned foods to breakfast cereals to candy – its fake – and I give an uncontrollable chuckle every time I read a box that say “Real Ingredients!”. Well if they aren’t real, what are they? We are so hyped up on sugar and salt that the idea of eating a vegetable, that isn’t doused in salt and pepper or a store bought sauce, is appalling.

Our spiritual lives are sub-par. Being Christian isn’t our life, its just a part of our life. We go to church on Sunday, sometimes we are in a small group or maybe even a bible study – but are we living and breathing for Christ? Do we slow down to spend time in His Word or pray to Him throughout the day? Do we put our agendas at the foot of His throne and say “This is what I want to do Lord, but send me where You want me. Use me for your Kingdom, even if its not what I planned to do with this day.”

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We are called to live in the world. Yes. But we are also called to be different, to be set apart. We are called to go into the world, but to not let it distract us from our one and true calling – to glorify God! (See John 17, 1 John 2, and 1 John 4)

I want to open you to the possibility of doing just that. Of having less. Giving more. Being so much more satisfied. And as a result glorifying God all the more. I can’t wait to share with you all that God has been working in our lives and how you can be on the road to transformation too.


I ask that you join me over these next few months – hit subscribe, or just check back often, and stay with me as I take you through various elements of life that CAN be simplified to greater glorify God. Share this post with friends – get others to join in. And PLEASE, comment or email. Lets start a dialogue here!

I’m praying for each one of you – that God would use me to speak to those who have ears to hear – that we would all seek to live a life that is more honoring and glorifying to our King and Father in Heaven. Amen.


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