When You Have A One Year Old..


When you have a one year old things get lost. The car keys. The baby wipes. Your brain.

When you have a one year old you forget to shower. Or do the dishes. Or comb your hair.

You forget about appointments you’ve made and coffee dates you planned.


Most of all you forget you had a blog!

Golly – I have this AMAZING schedule of blog posts and I can’t seem to get two free hands to type. Hang in there readers – the content is coming – it just may be at sporadic intervals.

AND I have a one year old now guys! I can hardly believe that it has been 12 glorious months since our little bear entered this world. It truly feels like yesterday and more and more I am recalling the adage “long nights, short years”.


Our celebration was simple – Vegan/GF Banana Crumble Muffins from the Minimalist Baker (delicious!!!) and our first trip to the park. But to see the joy that this little boy gives to all those around him… its a blessing and an honor to be his mama.


I’m looking forward to getting back on here and sharing bits and pieces of our lives with you; sorry about the delay. And as always – praying for each and every reader…

All our love…



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