Spring: A Time of Rebirth


As I sit here in the cool shade of midday the air is trembling with the chorus of birds, celebrating spring. A soft breeze brings with it the scent of freshly cut grass and the unique smell I can only attribute to millions of tiny tree flowers all blooming at once. It is spring here in Colorado, finally. The winter months seem to drag on for so long, especially towards the end, and our skin longs to be kissed by the warmth of sunlight.

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We see spring as a time of all things new… images are invoked of baby birds crying for food, tiny rabbits, beautiful new blooms, and the coming alive of the forest – as it turns from a dingy shade of grey to a vibrant green. I also think of the Lord Jesus, and His death on the cross that has brought new life to those of us who believe in, and live for, Him.

For our family, spring, and rebirth, also represent the time leading up to our anticipated move. The countdown began weeks ago, but now that we are in the single digits, the weeks and days until our move to Iowa City are looming ever nearer. We have come to see this impending move as a gift, a chance to recreate ourselves and our family. To further solidify our goals and our values. And to chase after God all the more.

We want so badly to live a life that is overflowing with the goodness of God – to bless others by steeping ourselves in God’s Word and sharing His promises and the Good News with each individual who crosses our path. But why is it that we don’t do this now? Why can we not restructure our lives this very instant to soak in a life dedicated to God?

Well, the answer is two fold – one, it is in our sin nature to not attempt things we are intimidated of, to postpone that which we fear or that which we believe to be a difficult feat. (Hence, the famous ‘new years resolution’: because it makes total sense to only set goals for yourself once a year….) and second, there is no clear cut path, and we like step by step instructions (at least I do).

There is no reason that the rebirth of our lives needs to wait until our impending move. There is no reason that we should only set goals at ‘monumental’ human moments, or at the beginning of a new season of life. We need only turn to face the goal head on and know that through prayer and the Holy Spirit, God will increase our confidence and our desire for our new found task because it honors and glorifies Him.

It is so easy us for us to ‘dream up’ Iowa. What our garden will look like. How I will organize the pantry. What our summer days will look like bouncing from library to home to pool. And of course, to dream up a better version of ourselves – the version that wakes with the sun and submerges themselves in the Word. The version that invites anyone and everyone into the refuge of our home. And by ‘dreaming’ of this time, we are inherently postponing loving and serving and honoring and glorifying God all the more at this current moment.

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I think that the idea of the eternal is oftentimes too much for us to grab hold of – we seem to easily be able to shove to the backs of our minds that this life is temporal, a literal blink of an eye in terms of eternity – and what we do here matters. How we live matters. What we spend our money on, who we spend our time with, how often we pray, it all matters.

So…. I encourage you, take heart dear Christian – in Christ you are a new creation. And God is calling you to be so much more then you are. Do not grow weary. Do not grow complacent. But drop to your knees, earnestly pray for His support and guidance, then begin anew – today. Don’t postpone the things that have eternal value. The dishes can wait. That phone call can wait.

Draw up a plan of who you want to be, what kind of disciple you dream of becoming, what sort of examples you wish to display to your children, and do it! We can do anything through God who is our strength!

As the birds continue to sing, the sun is slowing changing its position and shining on my face. I know what is next to do. Put down this computer, pick up the most precious Book to have ever existed, and delve in. God will show us the Way, if only we have ears to hear.


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