Welcome to the blog. Jared and I hope that our openness about our life, our relationship, and our discipleship will inspire you in whatever circumstance you may come from.

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As newlyweds we decided to embark on this journey together, not only of life, but of the blog too. We hope to inspire others to live a more healthy lifestyle, with little clutter, while savings lots of money and focusing the toils of this life on our Lord. Currently, we reside in Fort Collins, CO, a bustling college town spilling with life. Join us on our adventure of new marriage and a new life with our latest addition, Atlas Wild.

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    1. As a Christian I believe that it is wrong – that the Bible tells us that marriage is between a man a woman. But I am also an American. We live in a pretty amazing country where people are free to make a lot of choices and live lives that others are not able to in other places of the world. I think that in America, gay marriage should not be condemned simply because it isn’t Christian. America isn’t a Christian state – or at least it shouldn’t be. I think that gay marriage should not take place in a church or by a Christian official – but I see no reason why gay marriage should not be allowed in the United States.
      It is a hard subject for many Christians and I think unfortunately that many take it to a scary extreme. Jesus teaches us to love, unconditionally. To not love someone because they are partaking in a sin is wrong, that is a condition. In my mind, being gay is sinful. But… so is stealing, adultery and murder. So is thinking ill of your mother-in-law, or thinking ill of yourself. Jesus says that no sin is greater than another – and if you are Christian you must believe this. Being gay is no worse than thinking ill of your mother-in-law. That is truly how it should be thought of.
      That said, my article made no mention of gay marriage. Simply that young people should wait for marriage to have sex – as it is physically, emotionally, and spiritually detrimental. Thanks for your interest in the article.

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  1. Probably one of the best opinions I’ve heard about this…..being a Christian, I also do not believe in homosexuality, but it would break my heart to know that for those who are, heaven is out of the question, especially since I know someone who is gay who believes and has a relationship with God. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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